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The novel One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich was able to change my mental images of prison camps in Russia during Stalin’s leadership. The introduction to that novel also gave me insight on how many writers who were opposing the government. How many of those writers perished in the labor camps astounded me, and how the novels that were written by the imprisoned writers were never allowed in Russia.

The way the prison camps were ran and the relationships between the prisoners were interesting and kept me reading. The conditions they work in and how badly treated they were makes me rethink my view on prisons and how some countries prison systems still follow a similar path. This classic novel was able to change many of my views.

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The Importance of a classic

The novel One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a very important classic that people should read. The novel is able to give you a look at what prison labor camps during Stalin’s leadership in Russia was like. The unique perspective on the camps that not a lot of people are able to see changes what you initially thought prison camps would be. The way they were run and the conditions they had to go through was surprising.

The novel gave new insight on prison camps to people who didn’t really know what it was, or to people who had the basic cells and bars look. The book is able to give new perspectives to those who are interested in history during the WWII era and how other countries had their own problems. People were being imprisoned for so many reasons. This novel was able to give perspectives that people out side of Russia weren’t able to experience first hand.

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DIDLS Analysis

The poem “Family Reunion” is simple and connects to everyone who has ever had a family reunion. The simple rhyming helps keep you interested. The poem is able to use a lot of stereo typical imagery, “Oh, hear the clash of people meeting — The laughter and the screams of greeting:” or “A greasy smack on every cheek from aunt Elizabeth” These simple examples immediately help you connect.

The simple word choices help you imagine the scenarios while the rhyming keeps it flowing and all the way to the end you are able to stay interested and thinking of you own experiences  and the last line drags a smirk out of you.

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Comparing Two Poems

“A Barred Owl” Vs. “The History Teacher”

Poems can say and convey the same ideas but they can do it in many different ways. They can do it in uplifting ways and they could also do it in a more darker way. The best can do both in the same poem, like the two listed at the top. To simplify I will refer to the one on the left poem A and the other poem B.

Poem A and B start with trying to tell children “White lies” to either calm them down or to “protect” their innocence. They also differ in the same way. Poem A is about a parent trying to tell the child that the scarey sound she heard was just an owl outside her window asking questions. Poem B is about a teacher who tells his class lies to “Protect” Their innocence. (This poem turns the Enola Gay dropping an atom bomb into it dropping a tiny atom. Major difference compared to the lie that the other poem told.) They try to do the same thing but one is in a much larger scale.

Both Poems also change tones towards the end. Poem A does this through saying that instead of asking questions it was actually hunting for its meal. Poem B ends with the children going outside to torture the smarter and the weaker. Poem B ends on a note that makes you think that the teacher was trying to protect his own innocence instead of the students, while poem A ends on a “That wasn’t the whole truth” feeling.

They both start sort of the same, they also try to convey the same idea (Protecting the children from the scary truth) But they end in a vary different manor.

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Review! Storm Front

It’s been awhile since I finished this novel, the novel is called Storm Front by Jim Butcher. This was recommended to me by a friend, at first I didn’t think that this book wouldn’t catch my interest, my thoughts were only confirmed by the slow start. But I still gave the novel a chance. I continued and as I learned more and more about this mystery and the magical world that encompassed I started to become more and more interested. The that you learned about the rules of this magical world made it clear that sometimes ignorance is bliss. The main character Harry Dresden (which is also where the name of the series comes from the Dresden Files ) has to keep secrets from the detective that’s working the case, even if it means him being blamed. This novel takes some mythical and magical themes and incorporates them into a murder mystery novel. If you haven’t given this series a chance, I recommend that you do.

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Review! Words of Radiance

I recently finished the book Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. It’s hard to put how amazing this book was into words. His writing is one of the many reasons why I want to be an author. The development of the characters in my opinion is perfect. The way that every character contributes to the over arching story baffles me. All the secrets that the characters keep away from the reader makes every chapter that dives into the past makes you hold your breath in anticipation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a story full of secrets that are revealed slowly throughout the novel, for anyone who wants characters to love and hate. I cannot wait for the third installment in the Stormlight Archive series.

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Creative Journal 3

She gasped as she saw the floating wonder. The water spilled over the side disappearing into a cloud. The vines had also spilled over gripping on to its jagged edges. The sight could have made her cry but she contained it. The years she spent disbelieving and fighting against the existence of this phenomena. Now wasted. “The floating mountains, they’re… Real?” She couldn’t take her eyes off of them.

“Don’t be too excited.” A gruff man beside her said. The noise of the anti-gravity engines almost masked his voice, but she strained to hear him.

“Why?” she tried to yell over the engines.

“There are things-” A shadow loomed over a cloud, it was much bigger than their small ship. The sight cut off the conversation. “Cut the engines!” He yelled at the pilot. The pilot had not seen the shadow yet. The pilot was quick to obey his commander. The engines turned into a soft hum, and they fell.

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Creative Journal 2

“This,” He sighed, sweeping his arm through the air, “This is what ignorance does”

Down below a war raged. Storm clouds hung in the air pouring massive amounts of water. The screams and shouts of men were mixed with the booming thunder.

“This is for our freedom!” Yelled the commander of the rebel army. The rebel commander struck forward with his spear. The spear clanged off of the generals shield.

“Freedom? From what? From who?” The general growled “You are not imprisoned, you are not oppressed there is no reason for you to want to be free, you already are!” The generals rage was growing by the second. A spear came from no where and erupted from his chest. Rain washed the blood off of the spear, then the spear was slowly pulled out.

The general dropped to the ground, the rain beat softly against the ground. “The power of freedom has many uses general, especially when you use it as a weapon to gain power.” The commander looked down at the dying general of the Royals army. turned and walked away.

“Once the people figure out what you really are, they will turn on you.” Those were the generals last words. The battle was soon lost, the rebels had defeated the Royals army after their leaders death.

Creative Journal 1

I said that I would post random stories to this blog. Did I do it? No. So why not start now? This is a story that I wrote the other day in one of my classes. I will also continue it, maybe on another post or I could just update this one. I will also add it to its own category. Lets get to the story.

“I’m trying my best to be polite but if you get any closer, I will tear you to shreds” He leveled his blade to man with a scar.

“How can I trust you?” The scared mans deep voice was full of hostility.

“Because I’m trustworthy?” He tried

“We both know that’s not true” The man brought his hand up to a clean straight scar that was across his eye.

“You can still see out of it though, wait, you can still see out of it right?” He tried to lighten the mood. But the scared man still held his blade pointed at his chest. “Besides what was I supposed to do? let you kill me?”

The scared man only grunted.

“Besides, we have no other choice but to work with each other.” He dropped his blade.

The scared man did the same with reluctance. “How do we get out of here?”


This topic has been dragged out of me by many teachers. But it is an important topic, it says so much about a person. Every time I write about this topic it makes such a big impact on me. It makes me realize what I really want. What my goals are in life. The more I write about my future, The more excited I am. My dream is to become a Writer, Writing fantasy and science fiction has always been my favorite thing to do. I was then given an assignment to incorporate two things that I love into a career. Well I already knew that I loved to write so I just needed one more thing. What was another thing that I loved to do? and how could I merge it with writing?

That was the hardest thing to figure out. Until I played Borderlands 2 for the first time. The story made me laugh. It made me love and hate characters. It made me feel happy and sad. All in about two hours. I never even associated writing and video games until I played Borderlands 2 It made me think. What if I became a writer for video games? This made me think of a new career. Now all I think of when I play any video game is “I can’t wait until I have the chance to write for a Video game studio.” That has been my dream for awhile now. And I’m pretty sure that its going to be my dream or a long time. Even if I become a writer for a video game, my dream will be the next video game I get to write for.